Template 1-
Template 1


What's included:

~ Template graphics - All that you see here 
~ Header customization (with your company name and optional tagline)
~ Installation of Template (if using our cart/hosting)

What's not included:

~ Domain Registration
~ Cart and Hosting
~ Setup of Categories or Products
~ Graphic, colors or layout changes (unless requested for extra fee below)

You can also order The Works with this template and save $$$!
(it includes the following)

~ Installation of Template
~ Cart Software ($125.00)
~ Hosting ($132.09 per year)
~ Configuration/Setup of Mals-e for our cart (basic settings only/no shipping, payments - $30.00)
~ 5 Content Pages Setup ($125.00)
~ Setup of up 10 Categories/Sub-Categories ($10.00)
~ Setup of up to 10 Products ($30.00)
~ Matching Business Card Design ($40.00)
(everything you need to get started)

You can also order these things individually.

Please supply your current host and cart logins if you already have hosting and cart software.

Template plus cost of above would normally be $747.09 but purchase The Works and save $100.00!!


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Domain Name:
Company Name for Header::
Tagline/Slogan: :
Do you need any other customization to the template:No
Yes Contact Me
Current Host Logins:
Current Cart Logins:
Cart Software: (add $125.00)
Setup 10 Categories: (add $10.00)
Setup 10 Products: (add $30.00)
Setup 5 Content Pages: (add $125.00)
Business Card Design: (add $40.00)
Make this The Works: (add $392.09)


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