• Always take photos at the highest resolution setting your camera, at least 300 dpi or 1800x1200 pixels. The higher the image resolution, the better quality the photo will be once printed. Photos that are taken at a low resolution will look very good on your computer, but will not have a good print quality.
  • Lighting! The best light is natural light ~ Photos taken without a flash using natural light, either outside or near a sunny window, are far less harsh. The skin tone will also look more natural.
  • Backgrounds - Keep It Clean and Light!
  • Stand Back and Zoom In makes for a better photo.
  • Taking photos of newborns and kids, bring yourself down to their level and face.
  • Newborns or babies hands and feet are always great to take photos of - especially against a parents hands. This shows the size difference beautifully. Remember they will never be this size again, so make the most of it.
  • Your eyes should be drawn to the person or subject in the photo.
  • Don't leave home without your camera, you never know when a good opportunity will come to take a good photo.
  • Feel free to send us more than one photo, if you are having trouble choosing. We can take a look and pick the photo which will give you the best finished product.
  • Don't edit your photos at home! We have all the capabilities to edit your photos in any way that you would like, so please email the original high resolution photos. If you'd like to email cropped versions, so we can see how you'd like them, that is great, but please email the original files!
  • Don't forget to look at the orientation of the photos required for your design. If the design calls for a vertical photo, and you email a horizontal photo, it will not fit in well.


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